Client Success Stories

Here are a few success stories from individuals who have completed the MRT/LEAP program:

“I didn’t know what results to expect when I first took the MRT test. Surprisingly, I realized there were A LOT of good foods I could still eat. I did the LEAP program to see if it would help with my skin issues (eczema) and asthma and headaches. It was truly amazing after eliminating foods that my symptoms were non-existent! I would have never known if I hadn’t done the LEAP diet with Laurie!!”

S. T. – Chicago, IL

I had breathing issues for a number of years and my doctors could not figure out the cause of my pulmonary pneumonitis. I was destined to be on inhaled steroids the rest of my life. I then went through MRT testing and started the LEAP elimination diet. Laurie Kassen was there for me every step of the way. I was shocked by the number of food sensitivities that I have. Laurie assisted me with food options and figuring out which foods were causing me issues. I can now take deep, complete breaths and am steroid free all because of Laurie’s caring, patience and support. If you are having health issues and feel the health care system is never going to be able to help you, I recommend having MRT testing performed and I highly recommend using Laurie Kassen as your LEAP therapist

L. R. -Eden Prairie, MN

LEAP has transformed my life; I have been able to be comfortable in my own skin again with out worrying about becoming sick because of what I was putting into my body. It was tough, and every once in a while I get temptations but I remember how I felt before and I never want to go back. The best part about this program is learning to use other substitutes for foods! With all that said, I am still able to enjoy my iced coffees, sugar free, but they still taste just as good!

L.C. -Gunnison, Colorado

Thank you Laurie! You have changed my life. For the first time I can fully manage IBS without any attacks. It has been great working with you. I appreciate all your care regarding my health. Thank you for your knowledge, explanations, and diligence in helping me. I will continue to recommend my friends to you.

C.Y. – Edina, MN

After years of struggling with stomach issues, Laurie has been extremely helpful in pinpointing the cause of most of my food issues.   To be able to finally understand what food items were creating the reactions, we were able to eliminate those from my diet with a high success rate of reducing my symptoms.  With having such a strong intolerance to certain foods, Laurie has been great about helping me plan food menus and providing ideas so that I can eat with minimal reaction.   I chose the year-long plan to have the continued support with creating a diet I can live with.  I am very happy with Laurie as she is very responsive to any help requested.  Thank you Laurie!

J.B.-Minneapolis, MN